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Posted Sep 29th, 2016 in Patient Information


What are separators used for? What do I need to know about them during my treatment?


  • Separators are used to create space
  • They are placed between the teeth for several days
  • When placed some pressure is experienced in the first couple of days and then subsides
  • If you experience discomfort, you can take Tylenol or Advil to alleviate the
    pressure during the first couple of days
  • Do not eat sticky foods such as toffee, gum, gummie bears and fruit roll ups as
    this may pull out the separator unnecessarily.
  • Brush well to keep the teeth clean but do not floss where the separators are placed
  • If any come out in the first couple of days you should call our office to have it replaced. If it is a couple of days before your next appointment, you can check for space with dental floss in that area. If space exists, the separator has worked and you can leave it out. If the contact is still tight, please call our office for replacement of the separator(s).

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