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Overbite vs. Overjet: How Can You Tell the Difference - and Can Clear Aligners Help?

Posted Feb 12th, 2022 in Clear Aligners, Oakville

Did you know that the terms overbite and overjet are frequently used interchangeably but are not interchangeable? Our Village Orthodontics - Oakville team explains the differences and how clear aligners can help with either problem.

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How many hours do you have to wear SureCure each day?

Posted Feb 2nd, 2022 in Clear Aligners, Guelph

The success of your SureCure treatment is reliant on your ability to follow the instructions provided by your orthodontist at Village Orthodontics. Here's some advice from our Village Orthodontics - Guelph team on how long you should keep your SureCure Clear Aligners in each day.

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Why consider SureCure?

Posted Jan 22nd, 2022 in Clear Aligners, Toronto Yorkville

SureCure offers several benefits that may help you decide between traditional metal braces and clear aligners. Here, our Village Orthodontics - Yorkville team offers some reasons you might choose SureCure. 

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Clear Aligners & Their Value

Posted Jan 15th, 2022 in Clear Aligners, Mississauga

If you’re considering straightening your smile with clear aligners, you may be wondering if the cost is worth it. Today, our Village Orthodontics - Mississauga Square One team explains what you may want to take into account when thinking about choosing aligners.

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