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Early Orthodontic Treatment in Ontario

Our orthodontists in Ontario believe early detection and treatment of orthodontic issues in children is important for a life-long healthy smile.

Children often exhibit early signs of jaw problems as they grow and develop. An upper jaw that is growing too much or is too narrow can be recognized at an early age.

If children over the age of six are found to have this jaw discrepancy, they may be candidates for early orthodontic treatment.

Also, if children around the age of eight have crowded front teeth, early treatment may be able to prevent the need to extract permanent teeth later.

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Signs & Symptoms

Some common signs & symptoms in children that might require orthodontic intervention include:

  • Excessive Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Open Bite
  • Overbite (Deep Bite)
  • Crossbite (Front Teeth)
  • Cross Bite (Back Teeth)
  • Underbite
  • Overjet (Protrusion)
  • Abnormal Eruption

If your child is displaying any of these signs, contact one of our seven locations to see an orthodontist today!

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