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Orthodontics for Adults in Ontario

It's never too late for a healthier smile. Ask our Southern Ontario orthodontists about treatments that cater to the unique needs of adults.

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Transforming Smiles with Adult Orthodontics in Ontario

Have you had difficulty chewing or speaking? Perhaps your jaw has started to hurt, or crowded teeth make it a challenge to brush and floss properly.

These are all signs of orthodontic conditions that require treatment, as they affect both your long-term oral health and the look of your smile.

At Village Orthodontics, we offer orthodontic services and low-profile treatment options for adults, such as braces and Invisalign clear aligners to address a range of issues.

See an orthodontist at one of our locations in Ontario. We can assess your specific needs, discuss each treatment option with you and help you choose the one that best meets your lifestyle and addresses specific concerns related to your oral health.

female smiling after her Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adults 

Have you been diagnosed with a specific orthodontic condition? We have a range of treatment options to help straighten your teeth, correct bite problems and address airway issues.

Braces for Adults

Choose from several types of braces to suit your lifestyle and requirements, including traditional, clear (ceramic), and more.

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Invisalign Aligners for Adults

Clear, plastic orthodontic aligners designed to gently move teeth into their proper positions, stage by stage.

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Airway Focus in Adults

Non-surgical treatment options for sleep apnea and airway issues that can affect emotional, mental and physical health.

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Visit a Village Orthodontics Near You

Whether you're considering treatment for yourself or your child, we have an orthodontist waiting for you at one of our seven locations across Ontario.

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