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Can I Get Braces If I Grind My Teeth?

Are you someone who grinds their teeth and has been told to get braces? If so, you may be wondering if it's possible to undergo orthodontic treatment despite this habit. Our orthodontists at Village Orthodontics are here to explain that teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, does not necessarily disqualify you from getting braces.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition characterized by the grinding or clenching of teeth, including during sleep. It can result in various symptoms, such as tooth damage, jaw pain, and headaches. Additionally, factors like stress, anxiety, or an abnormal bite alignment can contribute to bruxism. 

Can braces help with teeth grinding & clenching?

Braces can help with bruxism by properly aligning the teeth, which can alleviate the pressure and strain on the jaw joint. Additionally, braces can also help to distribute the force of grinding or clenching more evenly across the teeth, reducing the potential damage caused by bruxism.

Is there a chance of braces causing teeth grinding?

While braces themselves do not directly cause teeth grinding or clenching, they can contribute to the development of certain habits that may lead to grinding. For example, some individuals with braces may unconsciously clench or grind their teeth in response to discomfort or changes in their bite alignment. 

Additionally, the added pressure and sensation of braces can sometimes create a temporary increase in stress levels, which may also contribute to teeth grinding. 

However, it's important to note that not everyone with braces will experience teeth grinding. It is usually a temporary issue that can be addressed with proper dental care. 

How can I stop clenching & grinding my teeth with braces?

If you still find yourself grinding or clenching your teeth with braces, there are several strategies you can try to stop. First, practicing stress-reducing techniques, such as deep breathing exercises or meditation, can help alleviate any temporary increase in stress levels. 

Additionally, wearing a mouthguard specifically designed for braces during sleep can provide a physical barrier and prevent teeth grinding. We recommend consulting your orthodontist or dentist for personalized advice and guidance on managing teeth grinding while wearing braces and orthodontic treatment.

If you're wondering why you still clench your teeth with braces and how to stop, contact one of our orthodontists at Village Orthodontics today to book a consultation. We have seven practices across Southern Ontario to better serve you and to help find a solution to your problem.

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