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Speaking with SureCure

Like with any orthodontic treatment, there is an adjustment period with SureCure during which patients will encounter certain difficulties as they become used to wearing their aligners. Here, our Village Orthodontics - Niagara Falls dentists provide some pointers on how to get acclimated to speaking with SureCure Clear Aligners.

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The Science Behind Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

Have you ever wondered how clear orthodontic aligners such as SureCure work? Our Village Orthodontics - Guelph team explains how clear aligners work and how the science behind them works.

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Caring For Braces

Taking care of braces is a lot more involved than your regular oral hygiene and dental care routines. Here, our Village Orthodontics - Brampton team provides instructions on how to take good care of your braces.

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Will wearing a SureCure aligner give me a lisp?

Patients frequently ask if using SureCure will affect their speech. In this post, our Village Orthodontics - Oakville team explains how and why your clear aligners might affect the way you speak at the start of treatment.

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When should I consider bringing my kids to the orthodontist?

At Village Orthodontics, we've come to understand that many parents are unsure when they should take their children to an orthodontist. Our Village Orthodontics - Brampton team can help you understand what signs to look for and how early orthodontic treatment can benefit your child's health.

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How Does SureCure Work?

If you're thinking of ways to straighten your smile, there are options other than wearing the metal braces. In this post, our Village Orthodontics - Guelph team explains how SureCure clear aligners can help to align your teeth.

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How Much Will My Teeth Hurt When Using Clear Aligners?

Our Village Orthodontics - Niagara Falls team explains why your teeth may hurt a little while wearing clear aligners and how to deal with any pain you may experience.

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Talking With Braces

When you initially acquire your new braces or aligners, you may notice that you have some difficulty communicating because your teeth are gradually moving. Here are some helpful hints from our Village Orthodontics - Oakville team on how to deal with these difficulties.

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Can others tell that I’m wearing SureCure?

At Village Orthodontics - Mississauga Square One, we believe one of the 'clear' benefits of SureCure Clear Aligners is that they are made of transparent plastic, making it unlikely that others will notice you are wearing them at a glance.

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Worried About Paying for Orthodontics? Here's What You Can Do

At Village Orthodontics, we don't want cost to be a deterrent to receiving orthodontic treatment. Here are some suggestions from our Village Orthodontics - Mississauga Square One team to help you budget for braces or other orthodontic treatment options.

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