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SureCure Treatable Cases

At Village Orthodontics we will complete an assessment of your teeth, gums, jaw and bite to determine if your case is treatable with SureCure.

What cases can SureCure treat?

SureCure can be used to treat a number of misalignment and malocclusion issues.

SureCure Treatable Cases, Village Orthodontics

To see if you may have a case treatable with SureCure clear aligners, take our free Smile Assessment.

Smile Assessment

The SureCure Consultation Process

Dental History & Oral Examination

Your orthodontist will start by reviewing your relevant medical and dental history and records.

Next they will perform an oral examination to identify any issues that may not have been apparent in your dental records, including:

  • A physical examination of your teeth and gums
  • 3D digital dental impressions
  • X-ray imaging
The details captured from your medical history and oral exam will help your orthodontist determine if you are a good candidate for SureCure treatment.

Treatment Plan & Scheduling

If your orthodontist determines you are a candidate for SureCure, they will present you with a preliminary treatment plan.

Your orthodontist will discuss the details of your customized plan, including your role in the treatment process, the expected length of your treatment, insurance and payment considerations, and anything else you have questions about.

Your digital impressions and treatment plan will also be used to create your custom aligners.

Before you leave, you can schedule your first appointment which will involve the initial fitting of your new custom aligners.

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