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Bite Pads

Posted Sep 29th, 2016 in Patient Information

Bite Pads

What are bitepads? Read below to learn more about your orthodontic treatment.


What are bitepads?

Blue coloured tooth cement/resin called Band-Lok®

When might I use a bitepad?

It is used to protect the bite usually when the braces are initially placed

Why would I need a bitepad?

This bonding allows a secure biting surface in the back teeth for chewing while protecting the front teeth from hitting on the braces

How long do I have to use a bitepad for?

The bite changes as the teeth align and the bite pads will be removed once they are no longer required

How do I eat with a bitepad?

At first, chose soft foods and cut into small pieces. Once the bite adjusts it becomes more comfortable to eat most foods

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